About the Chamber

The Chamber was established by attorney Paweł Kuciapski, who graduated with merits from the Law Department of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun in 2008 and having passed the attorney’s exam in 2013 was registered by the Regional Attorney Chamber in Torun (no of entry TR-957) and now is registered by the Regional Attorney Chamber in Warsaw (no of entry WA-12797).

He gained his expertise and experience while studying law as well as during legal counsel apprenticeship having worked, from 2008, in one of the units of territorial self-government of the Province and the Chamber Office of the Torun Trustee. In 2011 he got employed in the reputable Law Firm of Mioduski and Partners General Partnership in Plock in the field of the current complex legal counselling to the biggest domestic and international companies (including commercial law ones) in the field of investment, real estate, construction, services, transportation, renewable energy sources, culture and entertainment. Attorney Paweł Kuciapski has been engaged in complex legal counselling for business partners (including single person ones) up to now.

The Chamber also serves individuals, for whom their private, sometimes one-time case is of the highest importance or even a life problem, to whose solution attorney Paweł Kuciapski invariably seeks the most optimal means.

Attorney Paweł Kuciapski is knowledgeable and professionally experienced in the services of legal counselling. His Solidity, Utility, Creativity, Charisma, Expertise, Sensibility and Selflessness contribute to the SUCCESS of his clients. Attorney Paweł Kuciapski engages in all the cases assigned treating them as his own, which is emphasized by the clients using his services.

The legal Chamber cooperates with a variety of specialists in different areas from all over Poland including attorneys, barristers, notaries, tax advisors, property appraisers, mediators and real estate administrators as well as restructuring advisors and trustees, which allows the Chamber to successfully deal with cases and projects of high complexity.

Attorney Paweł Kuciapski completed postgraduate managerial studies at the Finance and Management Department of the High Banking School in Torun (in cooperation with Franklin University). They deepened and broadened his interpersonal skills especially in the field of negotiations, mediations and business psychology as well his expertise in the field of company management.

Attorney Paweł Kuciapski is fluent at English.