Procedural law (lawsuits), economic arbitration and settling litigations extra judicially (i.e. in a conciliatory way through mediations and negotiations)

Attorney Paweł Kuciapski specializes in representing his clients in all civil, economic and administrative proceedings before courts of law and administrative courts, the Supreme Court, the Chief Administrative Court as well the organs of public administration including the Local Chamber of Appeal (resolving litigations in the field of public order law) The above mentioned services are provided by the Chamber all over the country.

The wide and diversified range of activities conducted by the Chamber’s clients is connected with the necessity of conducting lawsuits of highly diversified claims and demands as well as high level of difficulty.

Supporting the Chamber’s clients in running and developing their business we try to resolve all litigations primarily extrajudicially (through mediation and negotiations) aiming at the optimalisation of our clients’ time and costs.